UltraCor® The Newest Generation of Flexible Structures

UltraCor® versatile structures are used for roads, railways and industrial applications as well as for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures such as:

  • bridges
  • overpasses
  • underpasses
  • tunnels
  • pedestrian tunnels
  • ecological crossings

    UltraCor® structures are the new generation of flexible structures made of galvanized corrugated steel plates. As the world’s deepest corrugation profile, UltraCor® combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability to create the largest corrugated steel structures in the world today.

    UltraCor® structures are designed for all road and railway live load classes as well as under the load of special vehicles.

    The UltraCor® process involves the mechanical shaping of flat steel plates into corrugated curved plates which are later hot-dip galvanized. The finished corrugated plates can also be epoxy painted on request. All of the manufacturing is completed in a quality controlled factory process. Steel used for production of UltraCor® conforms to EN 10149-2 or EN 10025-2, Steel grade S355MC, S420MC and S500MC.*

    UltraCor® structures have many advantages over traditional bridge solutions:

  • simple design due to fewer details, drawings and calculations database for standard application,
  • easy and fast assembly
  • possibility to assemble in temperatures below zero
  • possibility to assemble of partial or total prefabrication of structures
  • reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge

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