SuperCor Buried Steel Structures

SuperCor® structures are the new generation of flexible structures made of galvanized corrugated steel plates of a very high stiffness. To take the loads, those structures use interaction with surrounding backfill soil. .

The load capacity of SuperCor® is far higher than traditional structures made of corrugated steel. SuperCor® structures are used for building engineering objects above and under roads and railways. Spans can reach 25 m

Structures are simple and easy to assembly. Average assembly time takes a few days in assistance with small crew.
SuperCor® structures have many advantages over traditional bridge solutions:

• simple design due to fewer details, drawings and calculations database for standard application,

• easy and fast assembly,

• possibility to assemble in temperatures below zero,

• possibility to assemble of partial or total prefabrication of structures,

• possibility to assemble structures without traffic stop,

• due to lightweight, corrugated plates can be delivered easily and economically to remote locations,

• reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge.

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