Producing in the province of Sakarya set on 50,000 m2, 12.000 m2 closed area with annual capacity of 20,000 tons of steel culverts in accordance with ISO and CE standards our plant. 630 tons hydraulic press with a capacity of 2 culverts and pipe bending and cold forming production line Roll Forming Machine and Method 3 pieces based on the manufacture of machinery in our factory, blue collar 31, including 5 engineers in total, it employs about 40 people.

We started the production in 2015, when a total of 11,000 tons of product manufacture and application in the country and abroad was carried out. In total, approximately 100,000 manufacturing this plate MP200, HelCor 350 consists of a vent pipe. Also the connection fastener used in mounting applications 3.2 million has been set as an element.

Steel shipments abroad as the majority of culverts have been carried out and projects implemented by Turkish companies abroad 456 to be used in export container to have been made. So far the exporting countries, Ethiopia, Romania, Georgia, Algeria, Bulgaria, and Italy. Our products, in the alleys of the highway at the top and bottom, upper and lower in the passage of the railway, mining operations to the site of crossings, end-of-life of concrete structures in Turkey and in strengthening the work of the first ecological transition 3. On the way to the Bosphorus Bridge was used.



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