Human Resources;

Our company operates in heavy and hazardous work in class.

• Occupational health and safety; to protect our activities to ensure occupational health and safety and to be respectful to people and the environment by focusing on our natural environment, to develop systems to prevent accidents, health-safety-environment in order to increase the performance of neighbouring facilities, the competent authority and to be created by local governments, to increase their cooperation, our projects occupational safety and health and the environmental factor, in an emergency in a way that could interfere with restructuring our practices to be transparent with our stakeholders.

• The nature of the services, by providing suitable working conditions, to develop systems that will encourage success and creativity, in this context; All our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, community) by taking advantage of the creativity of new products, services, processes, systems, and social interactions converted into innovation and to provide the organization, employees and other stakeholders generate ideas that will add value to people that don't have it, and the potential to mobilise and be useful by questioning and thinking about all the work they did to make their company and its employees put to use their knowledge and experience for the benefit of, motivate through recognition and appreciation of creative ideas from the owners and all employees creative and innovative self-increase participation in company activities with his thoughts and creative ideas among our basic objectives are to ensure that they are most effectively put into practice.