Welcome! ViaCon continues to work at steel culvert and bridge construction more than 30 years.

With a life that can be designed up to 100 years, our buildings are manufactured from nature-friendly steel materials that are easy to recycle.

What Is Our Difference?

Embedded flexible steel structures; floor-steel interaction means the use of flexible steel structures together with compass floor filling to support loads. This method is allows easy and fast construction.

Various Examples

HelCor Helically corrugated steel pipes HelCor and pipe-arches HelCor PA produced by ViaCon make up complete systems used in civil engineering as:

  • roads and railway culverts
  • underground passages
  • ecological passages
  • hydro technical structures

Multiplate MP 200, Soil-steel interaction means that corrugated steel structure acts with the surrounding soil to support the loads.They are cheap, easy and quick to build.

The process of MultiPlate MP200 production consist of mechanical forming of steel flat plates which are later hot-dip galvanized. Corrugated plates can be epoxy painted on request. Whole process is located indoor.

SuperCor versatile structures are used for roads railways and industrial applications as well as for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures such as;

  • bridges
  • overpasses
  • tunnels
  • culverts
  • ecological crossing
  • shelters
  • hangars
  • belt conveyor protection

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