Helically Corrugated Steel Pipes HelCor

Helically corrugated steel pipes HelCor produced by ViaCon make up complete systems used in civil engineering as;

• roads and railway culverts

• underground passages

• ecological passages

• hydro technical structures

• relining of existing old structures HelCor pipes are produced by cold forming of the steel strip into a round corrugated shape with diameters ranging from 300mm to 3600mm. During forming of the pipe a lock-seam is performed to keep the pipe integrity

Installation time for HelCor is much shorter then for concrete pipes. Easy and quick assembly helps in limiting time for construction of culverts or other structures and allows to construct culvert in stages without stopping the traffic as well as during winter time. Construction of culverts with the use of HelCor is much cheaper than traditional concrete culverts

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